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Manufacturers’ Tow Vehicle Ratings, gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), gross combination weight rating (GCWR), Measuring the Weight of a Trailer, tongue weight, Tow Packages, Trailer Tow Hitches and more info.

It seems the economy is taking its toll on all our toys, trailers and more.

How is or has the gas prices effected your weekends?  Towing gas mileage?

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5th wheel towing information and tow packages.

5th Wheel Towing

Fifth-wheel hitches, 5th wheel towing, Braking Systems, Electronically controlled brakes, Wiring Systems, Toy Haulers.... Click here for more info.

Towing Disaster Pictures and Stories.

Towing crashes and disasters.  How to avoid towing mishaps. 5th wheel stuck in the sand? Funny towing pictures.

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Your thoughts on diesel versus regular gasoline

Is diesel better than gas?  I noticed a huge difference going from my V-10 6.8ltr gas to my 6.4ltr F-250... Like big difference.  I got about 6 1/2 mpg towing my 36' 5th wheel with my 6.8ltr F-250 (which Ford did do away with this engine in 05, with exceptions); when I switched tot he 6.0 ltr diesel, I was getting 15-16 mpg... I get about the same if not better with my new 6.4 twin turbo diesel.  What are you thoughts?


This brochure is not a substitute for the technical information found in manufacturers’ towing guides and vehicle owner’s manuals. Its purpose is to give you some basic information about factors to consider and equipment you will need to ensure your safety and that of your passengers, as well as the safety of other people on the road, when you are towing a trailer.  Towing and motor vehicle laws, rules, safety and other regulations change from state to state.  Check with your local or State DMV or Highway Transportation authority for detailed information. and its subsidiaries make no guarantees that this information is 100% accurate, up to date and or correct.  Use of this information from this site, when applying it to towing, installation or tips of any kind are at the sole responsibility of the reader or visitor of this site.   This is a great place for Frozen Yogurt if you are in Southern California!


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5th Wheels, Toy Box Trailers, RV's and how the Economy and Gas Prices has taken its toll on the Industry and the all of  us who own them.

Tow Package Accessories, Trailer Hitches, Trailer Hitch, 5th Wheel Hitches and more!

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